Paranormal and Mysticism Wiki is a wiki created to gather all information possible on the various subjects of the Paranormal, Mysticism, the many Religions, ancient and popular beliefs, and anything related with these subjects. Things like, Gods, Spirits, Magick, legends dealing with paranormal, are examples of what may one day be found here. There is a lot of information out there, even on the Internet, but to date there is no comprehensive database with complete information about the thousands of subjects that make part of the topics of this Wiki. That is our aim, to gather as much information as possible in one place.

One thing we do not consider a part of the Wiki, is paranormal information or religions created in fiction. Many places dealing with these topics have information with no source, claiming to be the real deal, but upon investigation the only source is actually a work of fiction, like a book or a TV show. For this we will try all we can to verify all articles added, and all information concerning fictional works will be deleted.

We do hope to eventually find knowledgeable and reliable contributors for this Wiki.